This website collects personal information from users, where necessary, to enable us to smoothly deliver related services to you, including the provision of information on its web pages. In collecting, using, and handling personal information, the Organization of Global Financial City Tokyo (hereinafter referred to as “the organization”) takes proper measures as described below, and endeavors to provide a website that everyone can use with peace of mind.

Personal Information Protection Policy

The Organization of Global Financial City Tokyo (hereinafter, the “Organization”) collects the personal information of users (hereinafter, the “Users”) of the Organization’s services to the extent necessary for the smooth operations of services provided by the Organization (including the provision of information via website.). Regarding the collection, usage, and management of Users’ personal information, the Organization conforms to laws related to the protection of personal information, and handles personal information appropriately in accordance with the following personal information protection policy (hereinafter, the “Policy”) to ensure peace of mind when using Organization’s services.

Personal Information

Personal information refers to information that can be used to identify an individual, such as their address, name, telephone number, email address, etc. (including information that can be easily compared with other information and thereby used to identify an individual.)

Applicable Scope

The Policy applies to the handling of personal information of Users of the Organization’s [services], and does not apply to the handling of personal information of other websites that are linked to the website [of the Organization]. The handling of personal information at the linked sites are the responsibility of each organization [operating the website.]

Collection and Purpose of Use of Personal Information

If the Organization collects personal information within the scope of its business activities, User is in principle required to provide and register their information at will. The Organization collects personal information within the scope necessary and by using an appropriate method to achieve the following purposes of use (hereinafter, the “Purpose”).

  1. Registering for and providing notification on the Organization’s services, to authenticate the Users’ identity, and to manage Users.
  2. Sending information on events or programs hosted by the Organization or those hosted in collaboration with affiliate organizations.
  3. For the handling of inquiries and sending communication to Users.

Usage Limitations of Personal Information

Personal information provided (registered) by Users will be used within the scope indicated in the Purpose.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Unless required by law or otherwise permitted by law, the Organization will not, without the prior consent of User, provide Users’ personal information handled by the Organization to third parties.In the event that Organization provides Users’ personal information to third parties, the Organization will obtain consent from Users by way of requesting Users’ consent on each terms and conditions of services provided by Organization.

Management of Personal Information

The Organization will strictly manage the collected personal information, and take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent the leakage, loss, damage, misappropriation, falsification,2etc. of the same. In addition, the Organization will provide the necessary and appropriate supervision of its employees to ensure that the personal information is safely managed. In the unlikely event of a leakage, [the Organization] will take the necessary measures appropriately in accordance with laws and regulations.

Requests for Notification of Purpose of Use, Disclosure, Amendments, Suspension of Use, etc.

With regard to personal information, please contact the below for requests for disclosure, amendments, additions, and deletions, suspension or eliminations, suspension of provision to third parties, notification of purpose of use, provision of information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act or other laws. Upon confirmation that the request is made by the User him/herself, the necessary investigations will be conducted, and if there is reason for request, necessary measures such as suspension, etc. will be taken in accordance with laws and regulations.


Please direct requests for the disclosure, etc. of personal information, or any other complaints, questions, or feedback on personal information to the below email address:

Users’ Information Not Containing Personal Information

The website automatically collects information such as internet domain name, IP address, browsing environment of the website, etc. (hereinafter, the “Users’ Information”). Users’ Information that is collected will be limited to that which can contribute to the usability of the website, and will only be used within the scope of said purpose. Provided, however, that statistically processed information such as that pertaining to access to the website, and browsing environment, etc. may be disclosed.

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