Corporate profile

Organization Name The Organization of Global Financial City Tokyo
(Branded as FinCity.Tokyo)
Mission To boost the attractiveness of Tokyo’s financial ecosystem, raising its profile as a top‒class global financial city
Established April 1, 2019
Chairman Hiroshi Nakaso (Chairman, Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd.)
Address FinGATE KABUTO, 6-5 Nihombashi-Kabuto-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  1. ① Distribute information showcasing Tokyo as a global financial city.
  2. ② Liaise between members and facilitate dialogue and cooperation.
  3. ③ Facilitate dialogue, exchange, and cooperation with financial organizations, industry sectors, etc.
  4. ④ Facilitate dialogue, exchange, and cooperation with overseas financial organizations, industry sectors, and groups involved in promotional activities for the financial sector.
  5. ⑤ Attract overseas financial institutions etc., to Japan.
  6. ⑥ Present statements and recommendations to relevant government and other agencies, institutions, etc.
  7. ⑦ Other businesses as required to achieve the Organization’s goals.
Members List of Members (PDF)
Board Members List of Board Members (PDF)
Articles of Incorporation
and Rules
Articles of Incorporation (PDF)
Compliance Basic Policy (PDF)
Membership Rules (PDF)
Membership Fee Rules (PDF)
General Meetings Management Rules (PDF)
Duties and authority of directors rules (PDF)
Board of Directors Operation Rules (PDF)
Information Disclosure Rules (PDF)
Business plan Medium-term business plan for FY2024 – 2026<Japanse Only>(PDF)
Business Plan for FY2024<Japanse Only>(PDF)
Business Plan for FY2023<Japanse Only>(PDF)
Business Plan for FY2022<Japanse Only>(PDF)
Business Plan for FY2021<Japanse Only>(PDF)
Business Plan for FY2020<Japanse Only>(PDF)
Business report Business Report for FY2024<Japanese Only>(PDF)
Business Report for FY2023<Japanese Only>(PDF)
Business Report for FY2022<Japanese Only>(PDF)
Business Report for FY2021<Japanese Only>(PDF)
Business Report for FY2020<Japanese Only>(PDF)
Financial statements Financial statements for FY2024<Japanese only>(PDF)
Financial statements for FY2023<Japanese only>(PDF)
Financial statements for FY2022<Japanese only>(PDF)
Financial statements for FY2021<Japanese only>(PDF)
Financial statements for FY2020<Japanese only>(PDF)

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