A top-class global financial city

FinCity.Tokyo is an organization that aims to boost the attractiveness of Tokyo’s financial markets and raise its profile as a top-class global financial city, while conducting various promotional activities through private–public partnerships. With members comprising financial institutions, operating companies, industry groups and government agencies, we are striving to showcase Tokyo as a convenient financial city, while providing relevant institutions with information on user experiences.

Tokyo as a global financial city:

1. Asia’s financial hub

Tokyo will become an important hub that will financially service growth in Asia, including Japan, through personal financial assets abundant in Japan.

2. The accumulation of financial human resources, funds, information and technology

Tokyo will become a hub that attracts high-caliber financial human resources, working assets and information from around the world, along with financial organizations that possess advanced financial technology.

3. Promote the development of asset management and FinTech

Tokyo has placed the promotion of asset management and FinTech at the top of the agenda and aims to create an ecosystem for this field.

4. Contribute to the resolution of social problems

Tokyo will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by promoting initiatives that aim to solve social problems, such as those surrounding ESG investment, which is gaining international interest.

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