TOKYO’S STRENGTHFINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC STRENGTHStable financial economy and growth potential

Tokyo serves as a hub for financial companies that possess advanced financial techniques and is where superior human resources in the fields of finance, investment funds, and information gather from all over the world. We are placing emphasis on the facilitation of asset management and FinTech to develop the city of Tokyo and aim to transform these areas into an ecosystem.
In addition, we encourage activities that aim to solve social problems such as ESG investment, which has been gaining more attention internationally; and we are promoting the realization of Tokyo as a world-leading society.

A world city representing Asia

World-class economy

As an economic city, Tokyo represents the world and ranks second globally in terms of GDP at USD$ 800 billion. (New York is in first place with USD$ 900 billion).


(Reference: 2023 Global Power City Index (Institute for Urban Strategies of the Mori Memorial Foundation))

World-class household financial assets

The scale of household financial assets in Japan has reached JPY¥ 2,141 trillion and is expected to contribute to the economic growth of not only Japan, but also Asia. Additionally, because of the boost instigated by the government’s policy of utilizing capital markets more aggressively, each sector, from individuals to institutional investors, is starting to invest more aggressively than ever before.

JPY¥2,141,000,000,000,000(JPY¥ 2,141 trillion / 2023)

Global Power City Index

Tokyo is positioned at the world third and Asian first in “Global Power City Index 2023 (Institute for Urban Strategies of the Mori Memorial Foundation)” that shows, in terms of international city competition, which city has the attraction to entice people and companies.

In the worldNo.3

In AsiaNo.1

Source:2023 Global Power City Index (Institute for Urban Strategies of the Mori Memorial Foundation)

Financial market representing the world

Tokyo has a stock market that represents the world, and boasts high-quality, affluent liquidity; there are 3,900 listed companies (second in the world); the total market value is JPY¥ 1,000 trillion (fourth in the world and first in Asia); stock trading value per day is JPY¥5 trillion, etc.

Reference: The World Federation of Exchanges – Statistics 2024
* As of March 2024

Concentration of companies representing the world and solid industrial structure

Tokyo has a stable and solid industrial structure; it is the location of a large number of major corporations representing the world in the fields of automobiles, machinery, medicine, healthcare, etc. and a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises that boast advanced manufacturing and environmental technology.

Highly reliable social infrastructure and human resources market

Tokyo is Asia’s leading city, and a magnet where, compared to the world, highly reliable transportation, telecommunications, social infrastructure, and highly educated human resources are found in abundance. It also has a well-established and comfortable business environment.

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